Content of the First : Listen web journal is generated through special curations, special requests, and also open calls. There are no stylistic constraints on contributions.

The two-stage process of the review of articles is as follows:

  1. An article proposal or abstract is submitted via the Contact page, if a general submission, or through a special ‘call for submissions’ link, if in response to a curated collection request. Two editors in charge independently read the article, and decide whether its content is a fit for the journal, or journal issue. Receipt of the article is acknowledged, and the editors notify the author either that it is not appropriate to our journal, that it needs further revision or that it will be sent out to peers to comment on it.
  2. The editors approach commentators from among the journal’s other editors or network. The commentator reads and comments on the article. The editors read the comment and decide whether or not to proceed and publish. If the decision is to publish, the article will be published on our website.

This open peer-review of articles considers the needs of a transparent process – one of the essential assets in digital cultures.