Josh Charney, Editor

Josh Charney is a performer, composer, and musicologist based in Southern California. His many research interests include Iranian music and culture as well as topics surrounding improvisation. Charney also composes and plays piano in the Sibarg Ensemble, a group that creates a unique hybrid of traditional Iranian music, chamber music, and jazz.


Elisabet Curbelo, Editor

Elisabet Curbelo is a Spanish composer and performer born in Gran Canaria. Her research focuses on the use of sensors to control electronics with movement and the use of extended vocal techniques based on her study of Middle Eastern music and culture. She holds a PhD in Music Composition from UC San Diego, and teaches at University of Utah, where she is Assistant Professor of Electroacoustic Music Composition and Music Theory.


Jon Forshee, Editor-in-Chief

Jon Forshee is a composer of vibrant, innovative music for a diversity of acoustic and electro-acoustic ensembles, with many works focused on collaborations and emerging media. Currently, Jon is Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.


Kevin Zhang, Editor

Kevin Zhang’s work encompasses instrumental, vocal, electronic, and electro-acoustic concert music, along with field recordings, sound walks, site-specific installations, and interdisciplinary projects involving film, theater, and dance. He teaches composition, theory, and electronic music at California State University, San Bernardino.